Are Hot Tubs Worth It?

are hot tubs worth the money?

I could very much tell you right at this instant the crystal clear answer to that, but let’s take a moment to discuss why (or why not) these tubs are worth it.

Let me ask you a question: if you had, let’s say, a huge extra amount of money… Would you buy one? 

Tricky, huh.

I’ll give you a scenario: you had a long, exhausting day at work or at the gym and you thought there’s nothing that could make up for that exhaustion than to be dipped in a glorious bath that could potentially sweep the weariness away.

Would you still say no?

Well, hold on to that thought still. We’ve got a lot to talk about before blurting out the answer to whether or not they’re worth your money.

What Are Hot Tubs For?

These “spas at home” is another wonder machine that is meant to power you and your nerves up. Athletes like runners consider hot baths as one of the most therapeutic activities to invigorate them.

We will get to the pros and cons of these tubs, but what exactly are they for?

Hot tubs are for hydrotherapy and relaxation purposes. Later in this article, we will talk about the benefits and the drawbacks, of course.

Hot tubs are large and loud enclosures for those who want to escape the world for short periods of time.

When you’re inside the tub, you will feel as if you’re being pampered and cared for by the hot water. You’ll feel as if you’re being massaged and caressed affectionately.

That’s exactly how it feels– well, in my defense, those were from the mouths of the real “hot tubbers”, yeah, I’ve been reading some reviews. LOL

So… let’s move forward to the most sought question that has to do with hot tubs….

How Much Would It Cost You?

Maybe we can talk about this main factor if you really want to own a tub. How much does it cost, really?

It depends. Although the price is not considered a secret, we have to agree that they’re insanely expensive– but some models are kind of attainable, I’ll give you that.

So, to start off, the cost of these tubs will depend on the model, durability, and maintenance– things you should consider when getting a hot tub, FYI.

There’s the “low-end” and the “top-tier”/”high-end” models. Low-end ones are the traditional wooden tubs and amongst the top choices of first-time hot tubbers, mainly because it’s one of the easiest to install, too.

These low-end models will cost you around $2500-$3000, at the very least. It still does sound a little expensive, but we’re talking about your very own spa here, and I’m guessing you wouldn’t decide to have one if you don’t have the budget for it. Is that right?

I’m just being realistic here.

Moving on…

There are high-end models like the acrylic hot tubs— heavier in weight and have long-lasting materials.

We’re talking about models that will cost you from $15,000 to God-knows-how-much. It’s all worth it, though. Just be sure you have loaned enough money for everything you will be needing.

Add the chemical cost to that and where do you want to position your new spa. Is it in-ground? Above ground?

Apart from the tub itself, there are “add-ons” you should add to the overall total spendings, such as the lighting, weatherproof stairs, and hot tub covers

Quick note: hot tub covers are essential! Please!

Let’s sway a little from the main issue really quickly. I’ve read several comments and posts from people who own hot tubs that they don’t actually put covers on their spas! Said they just drain the water every single time and clean afterward. Now, that’s just wrong. Why so?

Why is it important to cover your hot tubs?

Now I want you to be very attentive and keep everything to mind and heart.

Hot tubs are prone to different debris lurking around if you leave them uncovered. Apart from it saves the water inside from bacterias, you can also save electricity because the covers retain the heat in the tub. 

You can read about why you need to leave your hot tub on in this article. (insert a link to the other article?).

What Are The Benefits Of A Hot Tub?

I think you already have them in mind, but let’s get to know some of these benefits below:

1. Helps with stress & anxiety

According to the study, with at least 25 minutes of dipping in a hot tub, our autonomic nervous system adjusts during warm water immersion that creates changes identical to those seen through relaxation and ultimately reduces stress and anxiety.

I couldn’t agree more with this, a bathtub alone can already aid in reducing stress, I can only imagine how it is with soaking in a hot one.

Some clinically depressed friends can attest to just how hot tubs can calm their minds. As per this article right here, hot baths are, in fact, better than an exercise in combating depression.

2. Soothes sore muscles

Hydrotherapy jets help in massaging beaten up & aching muscles. It helps increase blood flow that stimulates healing and relaxing the muscles.

Other people soak in a hot bath before and after working out. Studies show that both heat and cold bath therapy can promote healing and prevent muscle damage after every exertion.

Dipping in a hot tub after a long and exhausting day not only sounds good but it actually helps in reducing the tension in our muscles thus making us feel relieved and revitalized after soaking.

3. Helps exfoliate your body/skin

Taking a hot bath can potentially kill the bacteria while exfoliating the skin. In skincare, warm water can ease the nerves around the face, but if we’re talking about our body, a hot bath can be just as perfect as it sounds.

Just don’t over soak, of course. There’s always a limit to everything regardless of how heavenly it may sound.

Furthermore, not only a hot bath can kill bacteria on the skin, but it also relieves the symptoms of flu or colds.

4. It can help in aiding headaches

Hot tubs/baths can expand the blood vessels which, in turn, also decreases the pressure in our head. Soaking for at least 15 minutes would do it for me.

As a person who constantly experiences migraines, like ON THE DAILY, this just powered me up. I know what warm water does to help me ease migraines, but just thinking about hot baths, I can feel it’s gonna be an instant remedy.

5. Can help you sleep BETTER

I thought this is a given benefit, but I had to put it here.

Taking a long, relaxing shower before going to bed is good, but dipping in a hot tub is a top-tier activity that actually helps in so many possible ways, including, of course, aiding you to sleep better.

Insomnia and other sleep disorders can hinder the amount of rest you get in a day, truth be told. Dipping in a hot tub regularly can help you have deep sleep and can even help you fall asleep faster. Bye, bye, insomnia!

But really, seriously, hot baths are as therapeutic as eating ice cream right before bed time. No? They’re not the same? Oh well…

There’s a ton of benefits to having your dream hot tubs, but of course, there are always some impediments that you need to consider.

What Are The Setbacks Of Having Hot Tubs?

But of course, let us not forget the drawbacks of owning these fancy enclosures, huh?

1. Regular maintenance

Checking the water chemistry, monitoring if the water is still good for dipping, cleaning the filter, airing out the spa cover… These are just some of the things you have to keep doing to maintain the goodness of your tub. Personally, I wouldn’t mind at all.

Hot tubs are actually low maintenance in terms of sanitation… they need to be cleaned at least 3-4 months (but can be earlier if the water gets all cloudy). It’s all good, ‘cause you will only be doing that for about 3-4 times a year. Not bad, right?

2. It can be noisy

True enough, hot tubs are actually loud. So if you want to get one, I suggest having it indoors so the next-door-neighbor will be out of your way all year round. LOL

But fret not though, because there are ways to reduce the turbulence, such as positioning your tub where there is no human with ears ( I am not kidding). Hot tubs are naturally loud because of the motors that make them work.

There is no easy way to break it to you, but please, get your tubs somewhere both you and your neighbors can relax. I hope I made sense of that.

3. Possible infection hazards

If you remember what I told you about getting a hot tub cover, then add this one to that.

Covers are huge and heavy, yes, but they are crucial to the maintenance and sanitation of your tub. See, moist places can be a breeding space for different kinds of bacterias that I suppose you don’t want near you or your loved ones.

So to avoid getting to meet these bacterias, be very thorough with your cleaning and sanitation. That’s not going to be very hard now, is it?

So, Are Hot Tubs Worth It?

If you’re the kind of person who goes to spas regularly and loves spending a good amount of time in there, then I guess the answer would be an animated “YES!!!”, hot tubs are worth it, at least for you.

BUT… if you’re a new hot tubber who wants to just experience how it is dipped in the hot water and haven’t even really tried going to jacuzzi or something, then please, back up a little bit, take a rain check, pin on the decision…

Hot tubs are a good investment, yes, but if you’re planning to get one just because your neighbors got one, then I guess you’re not doing it for you or your family. 

Take a breather. Go to spas. Experience the real-time “feels” of having your body dipped in the hot bath, contemplate some more about whether or not you’re getting yourself one of these bad boys… AND WHY?

After spending a good time in the spa… ask yourself again: do you think you should get it?

The answer is still NO. Don’t. Just. Yet.

Spend some more time in the spa, in the jacuzzi, have some more hot baths, do it daily if you can.

Then, and only then you are allowed to make that MASSIVE decision, and oh, talk to your wife or girlfriend or family about it. I’m sure they’ll have a say or two.

These closing remarks have gotten a bit longer than what I have planned, but hot tubs are a big investment (both literally and figuratively). Deciding to get one is a big step and process.

But if your only concern was if they are worth it, of course, they are!

There is nothing more worthy than having someplace you can drown your thoughts in while calming your tired nerves and souls. Ha.

Additionally, if you just want the plain experience of having a hot tub, I suggest you get the inflatable ones! Oh, those are fun. Not as fancy and as huge as the hard shell tubs, but they give off almost the same experience as having the expensive ones.

But if you really want the “real one” then, by all means, go and get it. 

Also, before purchasing one of these fancy tubs, think about what you really want, in that way, you would have a clear mind before jumping headfirst.

I’m not swaying your decision here, alright? I’m in between, you could say. That’s why I listed both the pros and cons of getting a hot tub so you would have something to remember before “plunging” in. 

Well, I guess I have somehow helped you decide? I can only hope. 😀

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