Best Hot Tub Speakers for the Loot

best hot tub speakers

Hot tubs are fun, all right, but hot tubs plus music?!

Now that is progressive, don’t you think?

As both music and a tub lover, I would totally be into that idea. But is it just an idea, though? Are people fully oblivious about that concept?

I don’t think so.

That led me into writing this piece for you… Let’s you and I discern some of the best speakers you can go along with you to the water… Hmm, I’m sensing some cynicism, but could give me a minute? I will show that these things are out there… just waiting for you to make a move.

Now, are you ready?

How Do Hot Tub Speakers Work?

Let’s first tackle this vital part for a minute.

What does a speaker floating around the water do?

Is it worth it? Is it really water-proof?

To begin — YES & YES.

Hot tub floating speakers are water-proof and are made for the sole purpose of giving people more fun.

Blasting some cool music while plunged in the hot bath? Sounds about my jam!

Back up! How the hell do these things work? Speakers are heavy, for crying out loud! I wouldn’t want to risk wasting my money on something that will make me regret purchasing, let alone one that might electrocute me and my family!

Daaaamn, Karen, chill out. No one and nothing’s electrocuting anyone. You should take a chill pill right about now.

See, speaker companies have been keeping up with what’s new and what’s going to work for anyone and any lifestyle.

Truth be told, I wasn’t fully aware that water-proof, let alone FLOATING speakers actually exist. I didn’t know any better. LOL

But because I wanted to know literally anything to help me enjoy my time in a tub, I did my research, hence this piece I am writing at this moment — for my fellow hot tub lovers out there, too.

The thing with these floating speakers is the weight. Imagine how light these speakers are to be able to float on the water. Right?

Most speakers we all know (and used to having) these days are made with a mixture of metal, plastic, and other materials that make it heavy.

These lightweight floating speakers use light, durable plastic to do the work.

I know you’re still skeptical about this, but let me provide you a list of legitimate, reliable hot tub speakers that ACTUALLY WORK.

Should we begin the list or should we wait for Karen to calm down?

Move along you say? Okay…

1. JBL Boombox

“Epic sound all day long.”

If you’re the kind of person who often goes to recreational dipping, then you probably have seen this amazing speaker laying by the pool or carried by other swimmers while they float.

This is the most familiar one for me. I first saw this product when my friends and I went to this resort pool, and one of the families there had this loud music blasting our ears, but we did not mind at all. It was this bad boy — sitting by the pool giving people some good times, and yep, it floats, too! 😀

JBL Boombox is made to be the most powerful and portable Bluetooth speaker that delivers “monstrous” sound along with the hardest hitting bass. It’s all about the bass in this thing.

Some of the key features of JBL Boombox are:

  • Wireless Bluetooth Streaming– connect wirelessly up to 2 smartphones and other devices to the speaker and take turns playing impressive stereo sound.
  • Can last up to 24 hours of “playtime”– built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery supports up to 24 hours of streaming and charges devices via dual USB ports.
  • IPX7 waterproof– you can take it anywhere near the water without worrying about spills, rain, or being submerged in water. All are good.
  • Switch sound modes– enjoy deeper bass and richer sound in indoor mode, and expansive sound with a strong bass in outdoor mode.

On top of that, this item is one of the most top-reviewed speakers on Amazon. Check it out!

2. JBL Xtreme 2

“Ultimate splashproof portable speaker.”

One of the top sellers and most-reviewed speakers from JBL to date.

JBL Xtreme 2 is the ultimate portable Bluetooth speaker that effortlessly delivers dynamic and immersive stereo sound. The speaker is armed with four drivers, two JBL Bass Radiators, a rechargeable 10,000mAh Li-ion battery that supports 15 hours of streaming, and it also carries a convenient USB charge out.

To top it off, JBL Xtreme 2 is IPX rated that features a waterproof design with rugged fabric in exclusive colors complementing the model. Note that it’s named the Xtreme 2 since the first version/type was not waterproof, just splashproof. Yes, it’s not the same.

Furthermore, together with JBL Connect+, it can also connect (just like the Boombox) more than 100 enabled speakers to elevate your listening experience and making the fun even bigger.

It also carries integrated hooks, a durable metal base, and an attached bottle opener to the carrying strap adding a solution for any home. Like, what speaker has that kind of feature? What was JBL thinking in the first place with this? LOL

This portable speaker is perfect not just to give music and life to the party, but also to accompany you by the pool or a hot tub. Sounds good enough for you?

Unfortunately, if you’re here to look for floating speakers, this will not be good news for you, since this type of speaker is waterproof only — not float-proof. Still good, right? Provided how LOUD this speaker is, there’ll be no need to bring it with you in the water.

Okay, we’ll keep on going. There’s still a lot you need to know. LOL

3. JBL Flip 4

“All-purpose, all-weather companion for your music.”

The last of the JBL set on this list, LOL!

Flip 4 is the next generation in the Flip series that has a portable Bluetooth speaker that gives out a surprisingly powerful stereo sound. Its purpose is to take the party everywhere.

Sounds a little ambitious there, huh, speaky?

Well, what’s make this one special than the Xtreme is that IS IT actually floatable, not just a portable Bluetooth speaker.

It also features a built-in noise and echo-canceling speakerphone for crystal clear conference calls.

On top of it all, with a simple button press, you can easily activate and talk to Siri or “Alexa” from this JBL speaker.

Dope, huh?

4. Monster SuperStar BackFloat

“A party that floats.”

Isn’t it fun to just float in the pool without any worry about anything whatsoever? Just listening to some of your jams with your most trusted device?

With this next floatable speaker for hot tubs, you will be astounded the first glance.

BackFloat wireless Bluetooth speaker has an incredibly tough silicone casing that not only seals water out but is completely shock and splash-proof making it the perfect company for your every adventure.

The acoustically transparent carrying case lets you hang, wear, or simply protect the speaker without affecting the sound quality whatsoever.

Apart from that, this speaker is extremely potent, packing a punch at very high volume levels without distortion, even as it floats around the pool or tub.

You can bring this badass anywhere with you as it is engineered to keep pumping out high and stable performance. Like that?

5. Ultimate Ears ROLL 2

“Designed to take your music where it shouldn’t go!”

Yet another waterproof speaker you should add to your list of potential recreational companies!

UE ROLL 2 has a big, bold, and beautiful sound that gives adventure a soundtrack. Take it anywhere you go for as long as you want, and as long as the location permits.

It’s an ultra-portable wireless Bluetooth speaker that goes where you go with a stretchy, attachable bungee. No worrying where the heck did you put the damn speaker (especially when it’s not turned on) ‘cause there’s a cool attachable bungee that you can use to attach it anywhere you want.

You also don’t have to worry about dropping it in your tub or a pool ‘cause, damn, this is made exactly for those mishaps. LOL

Need any more convincing that there are an incredible amount of speakers intended for hot tubs and recreational dips?

Huh, okay then, carry on.

6. COWIN Swimmer IPX Floating Waterproof Speaker

“Float! Loud!”

SWIMMER is a premium waterproof Bluetooth speaker manufactured from the finest high-grade speaker driver, LED lights, ready to use with no assembly required, and that compact, stylish design that even kids will fancy the heck out of!

It is portable, like for real this time — at least it feels more compact to me than of the other speakers.

SWIMMER delivers 10W+ crystal clear tweeters and 3passive radiators provide full-spectrum audio and clarity at any listening level.

It is super easy to pair and choose the light show with a reliable wireless range of about 30 feet and connecting is seamless.

This speaker is one of the most reviews floating speakers on Amazon for its cool looks and the fun it provides. The fun and satisfaction are quite evident just by the look of SWIMMER. I would totally purchase one, too, just for the sake of having some cool-looking portable speaker. LOL!

7. Blufree Bluetooth Speaker

“Suitable for different occasions, for anyone.”

I particularly looove the colorful design! Just like the SWIMMER, this Bluetooth speaker form Blufree is also floatable but gives off that “party” feels with its disco ball-like style/looks!

It is designed for Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, and it can be a birthday present, too. Not only that, but floating speakers like this can even keep your kids entertained while you give them a bath in the tub.

Such a great companion for a very reasonable price, too!

Oh, it also has 7 light modes you can pick from depends on your liking!

  1. Music flash mode, (with the beat of the music, the lights flash; when the music stops, the flash slows)
  2. Red light mode
  3. Green light mode
  4. Blue light mode
  5. Slow flash mode
  6. Fast flash mode
  7. Auto flash mode (Slow flash and fast flash mix)

The bass system has no way to be turned upside down when floating, while the fun lights beneath will surely be caught anyone who’s been swimming underwater’s attention. I bet it would make me want to play something from my Christmas playlist as well. LOL

8. Altec Lansing Mini H2O Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

“I was blown away by the sound quality!”

A wireless speaker with an ultra-compact design, voice confirmation, and an onboard microphone for clear, hands-free communication.

This rugged Mini H2O is IP67 waterproof, dust-proof, snow-proof rated, and it kind of floats, too! 😛

It has 6 hours of battery life, an aux-in port, and an integrated carabineer that will take the music wherever you plan to go!

But since we’re talking about speakers for the hot tub — YES! This could be your companion underwater, too! Or while just sipping a bottle of wine by the tub or the pool, anything you want to do, it will be with you (just as long as you want, though. LOL)

9. WOW-Sound Speaker

An omnidirectional waterproof speaker with 50+ hours of battery life.

Damn, 50 hours?!? My phone battery couldn’t even last an hour of browsing the internet. LOL!

Apparently, this shroom-looking WOW-Sound speaker is an ultimate outdoor companion. The irony, huh?

It’s waterproof, shockproof, splashproof, dustproof, and anything you can think of~! It has a unique shape and design with 5 speakers that make it truly omnidirectional with high-volume stereo sound.

May it be for trekking, or you just want to lay in the water after an exhausting day, you can expect this speaker to pump you up and aid you in regaining your energy with its reliable sound service. This shouldn’t be too deep, you know, but damn, I really am loving this speaker, that’s all.

Not only it is cool for floating in the water with you, but it’s also a great company when the power is out — serves as some kind of torch. Just overall cool, really.

10. Poolmaster Portable Floating Wireless Speaker

“We make water fun!”

This multi-light display speaker is perfect for any outdoor or indoor environment. It can resist being submerged in water up to 3 feet for 1 hour so it can withstand full-on pool play action. So there’s that.

It is also a lightweight speaker that allows effortless wireless connectivity and is ready to stream your favorite tunes, audiobooks, or even answer your incoming phone calls.

It’s like having a personal Amazon Alexa of some sort. LOL, right?

You can leave your phone on the patio and not miss any calls.

On top of that, this really cool speaker has 7 colors that will make any gatherings fun and serene.

Overall, it looks like it has a lot of potentials and I like its minimalist design!

Are Hot Tub Speakers Worth It?

Are you kidding me?

Music is one of the main factors that make life worth living — it’s the music lover in me talking.

But yeah, hot tub speakers are totally worth it!

They make your recreational dips extra fun and your kids extra happy! I shouldn’t even have to defend this one here, but since we’re up to the last juice of my brain, then I will just lay everything on the table.

Speakers may look tawdry for some people who don’t know how to have fun with their lives, but these things rock, yo. They make every gathering memorable, loud, and full of enthusiasm!

We’ve explained on some itty-bitty parts that these speakers are not only for swimming purposes, but it can only be carried anywhere with you, right?

Either way, I believe that hot tub speakers are worth your every penny and should be incorporated anywhere you go, especially if you want some alone time in the tub — really, I highly suggest purchasing one of these speakers for your own satisfaction.

Make sure you know how to take care of them, too!

When you’re not using your tiny companion, let it sit out of the water as water can rust the metal parts if being used continuously. Don’t blast the music at maximum volume for long periods of time since you might damage the speakers. I know these bad boys are for heavy usage, but you should know they have a life-span, too, and the interiors are not strong enough to handle shock whatsoever.

Keep reading how you can take care of your speakers as much as you keep looking up ways how to take care of your hot tubs! It will save you both the stress and energy spent in worrying if something happened to these floaties!

`So, yeppp, I think that’s all I’ve got for you. Anything you want to know about hot tubs, or if you just want to tell a story, lay it on me! Leave us a line or two or whatever. Your call.

Ciao for now! 😉

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