Holy S**t, Why Is My Hot Tub Not Heating?

Hot Tub Not Heating

“Oh Lawd, my hot tub is not heating again!?”

Alright, we get it! I bet it has happened many times now. I know it can get pretty frustrating, too. Of course, nothing is worse than dipping your toe in a hot tub only to find out that it’s not hot enough! Yikes. Who wants an ice-cold tub. Definitely, not I and I’m sure you don’t either! We purchase hot tubs for the sole purpose of getting cosy and warm on chilly days with a dip in a hot tub. It can be exhilarating to own one and having convenient access to relax in your backyard in the warmth of it can be quite fun and super relaxing.

Now, the question is – what should you do if you find out that your hot tub is not heating up anymore? Why has this stopped, and how do you fix it?

Your hot tub not heating up is seriously annoying, so it’s important that you know what could possibly be the reason. In this article, let us take a look at the possible reasons for hot tubs not heating up. We will also discuss the ways of fixing a hot tub that doesn’t heat up so you’ll get your money’s worth and can enjoy a good bath.

The Usual Reasons And Ways On How to Deal With Them

Control Board Problems

In a hot tub, the control board is responsible for controlling everything, including the pumps and heaters. If the hot tub is not liable for the other problems above, do not heat it. The control board may then be defective, and either the whole control board or the P.C.B (printed circuit board) has to be replaced. This is generally an easy patch, but it can cost you a lot with the skyrocketing prices of control boards. Phew, we hope that’s not the case in your tub not heating up!

Water Circulation Issues

If you think that your hot tub water tends to heat up slowly, it may be a cause of concern. On the other hand, if you notice that your hot tub water usually turns off on its own on a constantly, then it is something to worry about. The latter calls for a repair of the circulation or water flow of your hot tub.

When the above occurs, oftentimes, the top-side control panel of your hot tub will show a particular flow message that would indicate there’s something wrong. The main cause of concern, in this case, is a water flow problem wherein not enough water is passing through the heater. So what can be done you ask? Tee heater should be cut out as a safety measure, so it doesn’t burn out.

Hot Tub Heating Element Problems

If you happen to eliminate the flow fault, and the problem is still not fixed, then it can point to something else. Moreover, if the heater has power, but the water still doesn’t heat up, then the hot tub heating element is likely to be faulty.

If this unfortunate situation happens, then we highly suggest that you get an electrician to test the heater part again. To verify continuity, you will need to use a multimeter.

Other Ways To Fix Water Flow Issue

There are a few potential solutions that you can try to repair your hot tub if you have a water flow or circulation problem.

A few of them are straightforward that you can try them yourself even without hiring the help of a  technician. Of course, you could try out these recommendations before contacting the technician to save costs. Who knows? It may work very well for you! On the other hand, if you’re unsure about the workaround, then go ahead and ask for support.

  • Check the water level – This is by far the easiest. Check if the water level in your hot tub is adequate. Hot tubs tend to lose warmth through evaporation. You can try it by jumping in the hot tub and noticing the splash of water.  If the level drops too low, you may have to top up the water. Otherwise, instead of water, the hot tub skimmer would suck up air. As not enough water passes through it, this will cause the heater to cut out.
  • Clean the hot tub filter – Well, if your hot tub has a sufficient amount of water and there’s currently no air blockage or airlock, then cleaning its filter is a good idea. Keep in mind that it is then the responsibility of your hot tub filter to collect all the debris and dirt. Of course, like any other equipment, the more you use it, the dirtier it gets. It can even get clogged if you are not prone to cleaning the filter regularly. Remember, the lack of frequent cleaning can limit the flow.

To stop the recurrence of this hot tub concern, we recommend that your filter be cleaned every month and be replaced every six months. Doing so may be costly, but it will help you save more costs that you may have to spend when your hot tub calls for repair and replacement due to the lack of attention and care.

  • Check the hot tub flow switch or the water pressure – Once you are done cleaning the hot tub filter and if there is still an ongoing flow issue, then you might want to check the hot tub flow switch or the pressure. You would do well to remember that the flow switch or pressure switch should be connected on the hot tub’s heater tube.

To verify this, we suggest that you get a professional electrician or hot tub technician since this should not be taken lightly due to the involvement of electricity and water. Additionally, the easiest way to further verify this is to check the continuity of the pressure switch or flow switch by using a multimeter instrument. Better safe than sorry!

  • Check whether or not the pump is working – The other possible reason why your heater won’t heat up is the pump itself. There’s a chance that your hot tub pump is not working properly. When this transpires, the water flow or circulation will be hindered as the water around the hot tub is not pumped very well. The worst-case scenario is when your hot tub radiator is cut off which can cause more damage. Of course, this would also result in your hot tub getting cold instead of hot as it’s supposed to.

What to do with this? You will either need to repair the hot tub pump or uninstall it.

In A Nutshell

Unless your hot tub is heating up, check for any hot tub messages that indicate an error. However, if you’re unsure what to do, give a hot tub technician a call and give them as many details as possible about the potential reasons why your hot tub is not heating up. This will give the technician of what has gone wrong. Collaborate with the technician by giving him an idea of what tools they ought to bring to resolve your hot tub conundrum.

In the meantime, enjoy that ice-cold water! We’re just kidding. But why not if it’s a hot day outside! Jokes apart, we hope your hot tub issue gets resolved quickly. Good luck!

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