What Is The Recommended Hot Tub Temperature?

  • Hot tub temps are all about personal preference. What feels hot for you may be tepid for others.
  • The ideal hot tub temperature is between 100 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • At an average hot tub temp between 100 and 102 degrees, you can enjoy soaking in your hot tub for around 20 to 25 minutes.

The higher the temperature of a hot tub, the lower should be your soak time. Sorry to burst your bubble (!), but this is for your safety.

What temperature should a hot tub be?

‘What temp should a hot tub be set at?’ is often one of the very first questions that may puzzle you as a new hot tub owner. I will try to answer this query down below. Keep reading to know the hot tub temperatures at different degrees: minimum, average, and maximum.

Minimum Temperature for Hot Tub

Around 80 degrees is the minimum temperature for your hot tub. But in any case, no matter how low you set the hot tub temp to, you may not be able to get it to an 80-degree low. But I don’t recommend you to set this temperature, or even as low as 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Turning off the heater during winters or setting the temperature of the hot tub too low can freeze the components. You may end up having to replace burst pipes and other hardware that may become potentially damaged.

Average Hot Tub Temperatures

This really is the sweet spot, the ideal hot tub temp that most hot tub owners will come to prefer.

100 to 102 degrees is the best hot tub temp. This is because it is safe, and you can enjoy soaking for a good 20 to 25 minutes, as well. If you are in the prime of health and hydrated yourself properly before going in, you can also extend this for up to 30 minutes! As long as the outside temperature is not too hot, of course!

Can kids use a hot yub safely?

Of course, yes! With proper precautions, rules in place, and adult supervision AT ALL TIMES, there is no reason why kids shouldn’t enjoy a dip in a hot tub. However, children have delicate skin, and they may not be able to withstand high temperatures. What is delightfully warm for you may be dreadfully hot for your little one!

Initially, allow only 5 minutes of hot tub soak at-a-time, keeping the temperature around 96 degrees and no more than 98 degrees. 15 minutes is the maximum time they should be in, and no matter how hard they plead, time to come out!

Around 98 degrees will be a good hot tub temp for kids. This temperature for hot tub is safe and perfectly enjoyable for children.

Anywhere from 96 to 98 degrees is ideal for children. Note that children below 5 years not be allowed to use hot tubs. And give them plenty of water so they can hydrate themselves before soaking in. This will avoid dehydration problems. 

Max Hot Tub Temperature

The max hot tub temp should be no more than 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

When your spa arrives, it may come factory set at 100 degrees. However, 104 degrees is the maximum safe temperature of hot tub. According to the CDC and USPC recommendations, the hot tub temperature should never exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Doing so may be unsafe and even potentially dangerous.

Additionally, pregnant women, elderly people, those with health issues like diabetes, blood pressure, and heart attack, and people taking medications/drugs that cause drowsiness should exercise caution with hot tub temperatures and soaking times. It is always a good idea to consult with your doctor before you think of experiencing your hot tub.

According to the Mayo Clinic, pregnant women should limit their time in the hot tub to less than 10 minutes and keep the hot tub temp, not beyond 100 degrees.

Better be safe than sorry!

Further, alcohol already increases your body temperature by expanding your blood vessels. If you set the spa temp beyond the recommended hot tub temperature and additionally, if the sun is glaring down, this is just downright unsafe! You may injure yourself as you get in or out of the tub. Drowning is another possibility. 

So, exercise caution and keep it to maybe one drink if you have to have a drink in the spa. 

100 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit is a safe hot tub temperature.

Anything beyond that, and you are putting yourself at risk of hyperthermia, which is caused when body temperature becomes excessively high. Hyperthermia can lead to heat rash, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, dehydration, and even heat stroke!

Even if you are in overall good health, soaking for long hours beyond the ideal spa temp of 100 to 102 degrees can still be risky and dangerous. 

Best Hot Tub Temperature in Winter

During winters, the perfect hot tub temp is around 101 degrees Fahrenheit. This is good for you and your spa! It will embrace you in a warm soak while protecting your hot tub equipment from freezing over.

Best Hot Tub Temperature in Summer

If you live in places where the summers are unbearably hot, a hot tub soak will help to cool down and relax. The ideal temp for hot tub on those hot summer days is around 96 degrees.

Final Dip!

When it comes to the right hot tub temperature, it is all about a balancing act. Balancing the relaxation and enjoyment of your loved ones, along with safety and energy expenses, allow you to enjoy exceptional hot tub experiences all the time. The recommended best temp for hot tub (100-102 degrees Fahrenheit) can be a great starting point.

Happy and safe Hot Tubbing!


1. What is the best temperature for a hot tub?

100 to 102 degrees is the average hot tub temp. It is the perfect hot tub temperature that most people find comfortable and pleasurable. But you can set it to a 96-98 degree low when children have to use it or during hot summer days. Also, you can safely enjoy soaking at 102-104 degrees, but restrict your soak time to 15-20 minutes and not beyond. Consider health, age, and other aspects, and limit your hot tub temperature and soaking time accordingly.

2. What temperature is a hot tub?

Most hot tubs come from the factory set to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. You can increase it to a maximum of 104 degrees. This is considered the maximum safest hot tub temperature. The minimum to which you can set your hot tub temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. What should be the hot tub temperature when not in use?

The general rule of thumb is to reduce the hot tub temperature by 5 degrees than what you generally prefer and set it to. 

So, if you normally set yours at 98 degrees, try setting it to 93 degrees. Turn it off completely only if you are going to be away for months.

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