Should You Leave Your Hot Tub On All The Time?

should you leave your hot tub on all the time?

One thing that is more therapeutic than drinking a glass of wine after a long & draining day at the office is sipping a glass of wine while soaking in a hot tub. That stuff is the most relaxing AF. You can’t change my mind.

A few of the questions I’ve been seeing about is that can one leave their plunge bath/jacuzzi on for a long time let alone ALL THE TIME?

What if I told you that you can?

Let’s take a closer look at that in this article.

What Is a Hot Tub?

First, let us define what the fridge is a hot tub — this is probably for anyone who’s just trying to survive the decision-making process of whether or not they’re getting their wives a jacuzzi. Hmm.

Hot tubs, jacuzzi spa, sauna bath, portable spa, or whatever you prefer to call it is a large tub or small pool used for hydrotherapy & relaxation. Yep, hydrotherapy is related to some health purpose, hence us feeling all calmed and relaxed while all soaked up in this tub of tranquility.

Others prefer to call their hot tub an “above-ground spa”, and I’m not complaining. That totally makes sense. Literally above ground sanitarium. Coolio, got it.

They are warmed by electrical resistance heaters, so yes, you may need electrical power assistance for this one.

You can get these bad boys installed indoors or outside, literally anywhere you would like to have relaxation days in. Personally, I would like me some alone time in the comfort of my room, so yeah, I would have it installed inside the room I use to sleep in. Would that be weird? Anyhoo…

Now, this leads me to a fumbling question:

Do People Leave Their Hot Tubs On?

The quick answer to that — according to some jacuzzi enthusiasts is: YES. People who know their way around these machines leave theirs on.


For starters, hot tubs consume electrical power, so does frequently turning them on (and off). 

FACT-ually, it takes a relatively little amount of electricity to keep the tub going (just make sure you have the desired temperature on) than to actually turning it on/off constantly. That’s the first thing you need to know before acquiring one.

But… let us not be all pumped just yet. You CAN leave your hot tubs on, but it’s not advisable whatsoever to do so the entire time, of course. Let’s pin some common sense to that.

Going back to the question for this section… Again, yes, people who possess hot tubs know how it is when they turn the tubs off.

What happens when you turn them off?

What happens is… you will be able to save some energy. That’s all I can think about at the moment.

Look, leaving your jacuzzis turned on is not a terrible idea unless you plan to leave it on right after you’ve set some out-of-the-country getaways for the whole year. Am I right?

Let’s keep going so I could show you a thing or two about why it is not a bad idea to keep your hot tubs on for longer than you can imagine.

Do Hot Tubs Consume A Lot Of Electricity?

As I said, hot tubs indeed use electricity, but to further explain that section… here goes.

Hot tubs or jacuzzis consume a large amount of electrical power when being turned off and on regularly. That means turning them off when you think you’re done and then turning them right back on whenever you feel like soaking in again.

That is not the most accurate & efficient way to use hot tubs.

Did you know that keeping them turned on and running spends way less electricity than to keep getting them re-heated every single time?

That is a fact right there, my friend.

Unless you plan on spiking up your electricity bills, then please, be my guest.

If not, then, you’re welcome. I think I just saved your butt AND bills, huh?

Anyway, according to some new buyers, there are new and improved versions of hot tubs that are energy efficient. Really cool.

Also… did you know that it takes up about 3 to 8 hours before your tub can be fully heated? Yep. Imagine the power cost of that fact. So in a few, let’s talk about the required temperature you should leave your hot tubs on.

When Should You Turn Your Hot Tubs Off?

To circle back with you about if ever you’re going on a long trip away from home, make sure you turn your tubs off. That way, you could save some energy cost, but also not get any elements or debris (like an algae growth for instance) on your tubs while you’re out and it’s not in use.

Another activity that may require you to turn off your tubs is when you’re cleaning, refilling, or draining them. Obviously.

The recommended cleaning schedule for your hot tubs is every 3-4 months. Imagine not draining them out after a few months of continuously soaking in. That is just gross. Really. Don’t be like that. CLEAN YOUR TUBS.

Furthermore, it is advisable to turn off your tubs when you’re preparing for a season of non-stop “hot-tubbing”, I’m guessing for the winter season? Whatever it is, up to you if you want to turn it off, just remember the things I’ve told you so far. Capiche?

But of course, turning the tubs on is not a very good idea most of the time. You already got that, right?

What’s The Recommended Hot Tub Temperature When Not In Use?

This can be a little tricky, actually, because it all boils down to where your location is… and the weather.

But to be perfectly safe, it is recommended to keep the temperature at a normal level, maybe drop them by 5 degrees? Like for instance, if you usually set yours to 100, try 95. That way when you plan to hop in the next time, it wouldn’t take too long to reach the required heat, but it could also save you electricity ultimately.

Moreover, hot tub covers make the best ally to these predicaments. Why so? 

When your jacuzzis are left uncovered, the heat escapes. It’s a no-brainer. The tendency of heat escaping while the tub is uncovered is inevitable. 

Apart from it keeps the heat preserved, hot tub covers also keep the debris out from plunging into your nest (water). So it all makes perfect sense to just invest in good quality covers because, for one, they are crucial to the maintenance.

Another thing… Remember when I said something about algae growth

Algae will form ultimately in the hot tub when the pH levels in the water are imbalanced or not sanitized enough. Sunlight is the main factor that triggers algae growth, so does leaving your hot tub uncovered. When you see that green tinge to your water, you can only feel regret for not knowing any better.


I hope you’ve got it.

Here, take a look at this article I’ve found for you. Everything you need to know about algae, and how they grow, you can find in that piece.

Would It Save You HydroPower If You Maintained At A Given Temperature?

Now, would your bills be affected by this constant temperature thing?

The quick answer is YES.

It would totally save you electric power if you leave your hot tub on at a given temperature. How so? Well, we’ve been going circles here, but I will tell you once more: having to constantly turn on/off these tubs will cost you a lot more than you know or will ever read about.

And as I’ve mentioned just a minute ago, it takes a bloody amount of time to heat the tub from scratch! That means turning them off and leaving the water to fully lose its heat– went totally cold whatsoever.

So yes, I’d say leave the temperature and the tub alone. LOL

So, Really, Should You Leave Your Tubs On?

If I wasn’t very clear the first time– YES, YOU MUST leave your hot tubs on for a long while.

It will save you the energy of reheating it back again and would save you electric costs. I suggest thinking smarter in situations like this.

Also, you can very much find some energy efficient tubs if you’re totally into cutting your power costs (like, who doesn’t, right?). That is totally up to you. I made myself heavily clear, and I actually have been just repeating myself, so I’m sure you get the point: 

To close this matter, I think it’s safe to just look for energy efficient tubs or, you know, search for some tips and particulars to know a thing or two about taking good care of your safe haven– just like what you’re doing now! Good call!

If you have something you would like us to write for you about (probably anything related to hot tubs), let us know! 🙂

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